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Four times we wanted to wrap Sam in a blanket, cuddle him and sing him to sleep. 

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Amsterdam? more like Amsterdamn


He’s like a cross between Zac Efron and Jensen Ackles 

I don’t know how but
I can see it
I went back all the way to the pilot and started picking off some episodes from Season 1, Season 2, some of the big arc episodes, the ones that really moved the mythology and the story along, and I wanted to get fired up again. It inspires me to go back and see how far we’ve come and what we did back then. I remember calling Jared after I watched the pilot again, and he hadn’t even come up to Vancouver yet since he was still on his hiatus, and I’m like, ‘Hey man, I watched the pilot last night, and it still holds up! Good job man, I’m just calling to pat you on the back.’ He was like, ‘Aw, thanks!’ And then I was like, ‘Now get your ass up here and let’s shoot.’
Jensen Ackles (x)

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Guess the dessert?

pancake dog calendar

skillet cake animal day
Inheritance Of Plumage Colors In Andalusian Fowls


Inheritance Of Plumage Colors In Andalusian Fowls

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palette meme ・Sam Winchester + 6

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MTV Fandom Awards

So the Veronica Mars somehow beat out Supernatural and this :

is somehow greater than this :

just a little salty. get out of my face.


When you’re feeling down and out, REAL friends be like


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